We make it simple

Other companies will say they charge less per month, but they’re not including all the fees associated with installation and monitoring. With having to pay all of the extra variable fees, it can get confusing, not to mention more expensive. With Interlock Device of New Jersey, it’s one price for everything.
Setup your appointment

We’ll get all the information from you that we need and answer any questions you might have (Appointments can be made as quickly as next day).

bring in your car

Try our device on our demonstration unit. Once you are completely comfortable, we will install the device in your vehicle.

get your new license

Once installed, we will give you all the paperwork necessary to get your license restored. You will get an Interlock restricted drivers license and can enjoy driving again.

Why Choose Us

The difference is clear. We do one thing and one thing only—we install, maintain and remove ignition interlock devices for one monthly price, never any hidden fees.
interlock device free installation
Free Installation

100% Free installation. Never any fees!

interlock device calibration
Free calibration

100% Free calibration. Never any fees!

interlock device removal
free removal

100% Free removal. Never any fees!

flexible payments

Pay weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly... Whatever's convenient for you!

expert technicians
expert technicians

We've been doing this and only this since 2004. We're good at what we do.

best device award
best device

Our devices are lightyears ahead of our competition. Sleek & discreet.

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