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The difference is clear. We do one thing and one thing only—we install, maintain and remove ignition interlock devices for one monthly price, never any hidden fees.


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Other companies will say they charge less per month, but they’re not including all the fees associated with installation and monitoring. With having to pay all of the extra variable fees, it can get confusing, not to mention more expensive. With Interlock Device of New Jersey, it’s one price for everything.

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The technicians and staff have all been very helpful and accommodating over the last 18 months and have actually helped make this difficult experience a positive one. I’ve visited various locations and all are friendly, professional, quick and efficient. Highly recommend!
I just finished up a year with my interlock device. These guys made the process completely painless. Great, friendly service. They’re always there to answer questions and help out as much as possible. 10/10.

Interlock Device of NJ are THE BEST!!! They make it a real easy experience from installation to re-callibration, month after month. Your in and out in less than 15 mins and they were so easy to deal with, that I kept my Interlock on a voluntary basis for an additional year.

Frequently Asked Question

No. An Interlock does not shut off a vehicle’s engine, or stop it abruptly in its tracks. If a Retest is failed, or if the Retest is not presented when required, a violation will be recorded. The vehicle’s horn may sound and the lights may flash until either the breath test is passed or the vehicle is turned off by the driver.

The Interlock allows a free restart of two minutes. The vehicle can be restarted within this time without another breath test.

Most likely the device will register alcohol if the mouthwash has alcohol in it. We advise you not to eat, drink or smoke for at least 5 minutes before the test, and do not use mouthwash for at least 10 minutes before the test.

Yes, however there is no way of verifying that you were not the person driving the vehicle. This means that you become responsible for everything that the unit records. If another person was driving the car you are still responsible for any consequences that arise if that person was drinking.

The monitoring time interval can vary from state to state, but in New Jersey the interlock is monitored at the service center no more than every eight (8) weeks. This monitoring and calibration check will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes.

State law requires your device to be serviced regularly. You will be required to bring the vehicle in for monitoring no more than every eight (8) weeks. If you miss your appointment you will have a 7 day grace period to bring your vehicle in for service. After this period the device will lock out and you will not be able to start your car, however, we can generate a code that will get you started one time to bring your car in for service. Simply call our office at 1-800-970-1002 and we’ll be happy to help.

If you do not plan to operate any vehicles following your suspension term, you may obtain a non-driver ID by presenting 6 Points of Identification at any Motor Vehicle Agency. In order to restore your driving privileges, you will need to provide the MVC with a service invoice and a certification of interlock installation to prove installation of an ignition interlock device on any vehicle you will be operating. The vehicle does not need to belong to you.

Failure to install a court ordered ignition interlock device in a vehicle you operate may result in an additional one year driving privilege suspension.

The MVC does not have the authority to modify a court order. You were sentenced to the interlock installation in accordance with the statutes of the State of New Jersey. The interlock device must be installed on every vehicle you intend to operate. if you do not have the access to or plan to operate any vehicle, it is not necessary to restore your New Jersey driving privilege.

You must have the interlock device removed from your vehicle and return the unit to your interlock provider. The interlock provider will then notify the MVC that the device was removed. The MVC will send you a letter explaining that your driving privilege will be suspended until you provide another interlock certificate as proof that an interlock device has been installed on a vehicle. The vehicle that you have an interlock device installed on must be the vehicle that you will principally operate during the term of the court order. You may not legally operate any vehicle without an interlock device installed for the entire term of the court order.

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Once installed, we will give you all the paperwork necessary to get your license restored. You will get an interlock restricted license and can enjoy driving again!