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We’ve been installing and servicing ignition interlocks since 2004.
Our competitors outsource the servicing of your device to 3rd parties.

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We do one thing and one thing only—we install, maintain and remove ignition interlock devices. While other companies sub-contract out to various shops for this service, we were the first, and continue to be the only company in New Jersey to do all the work ourselves, in-house.


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The technicians and staff have all been very helpful and accommodating over the last 18 months and have actually helped make this difficult experience a positive one. I’ve visited various locations and all are friendly, professional, quick and efficient. Highly recommend!
I just finished up a year with my interlock device. These guys made the process completely painless. Great, friendly service. They’re always there to answer questions and help out as much as possible. 10/10.

Interlock Device of NJ are THE BEST!!! They make it a real easy experience from installation to re-callibration, month after month. Your in and out in less than 15 mins and they were so easy to deal with, that I kept my Interlock on a voluntary basis for an additional year.

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Once installed, we will give you all the paperwork necessary to get your license restored. You will get an interlock restricted license and can enjoy driving again!